Employee development in the hotel industry - what does it actually look like? After three in-depth interviews with Hamburg hotels, it turned out that this is not an easy topic...

The daily routine in the hotel industry is strongly influenced by the guests and if the rush or the guest volume is too high, other topics tend to fall under the table. But especially in such a fast-moving and dynamic industry, where changes are the order of the day, employees should always be perfectly trained and developed. This is the only way a company can keep its guests happy and thus remain competitive. How staff development is approached depends largely on the size of the establishments. If it concerns small enterprises with a clear number of coworkers, very individually one develops. Close attention is paid to what individual employees want and where any deficits exist. In this way, training courses can be offered that are precisely tailored to the needs of the individual. This is much more difficult in larger companies, where a concept is often applied to all employees in order to be able to act more quickly. However, all the companies surveyed agreed that HR development is essential. 
The right instruments are important for the further development of human resources. In this way, needs can be identified, documented and remedied. From the interviews it emerged that the employee talk is one of the most popular instruments for gaining a better understanding of the employees. It is a way to find out what employees want, where they may need help, and what needs to be done in the future. Job rotation is also considered an extremely effective tool. Here, employees are assigned to another department for a certain period of time. This provides new incentives, keeps morale high, and promotes new skills.

I definitely learned a lot during my bachelor thesis and would write about the topic again and again!

-Kaja Fredrich (interviewer/author)