The recruiting of the future will be mainly digital. From the job announcement to the application itself and perhaps even the interviews. But what exactly should online recruiting look like?

Dr. Sascha Krause has been dealing with this topic for years. In his opinion, applications and the associated processes will have to be faster and also simpler in the future. According to the Recruiting Trends 2017 study by the University of Bamberg, the one-click application will be the format of the future. With this type of application, one can send the current profile from a career network to the desired employer with one click. However, a survey of 1,000 companies in Germany revealed that only just under one in ten offers this type of application. In the Recruiting Trends 2017, it was stated that 17.9% still want to implement this type, but a full 72.6% do not plan to do so. Learn more about the recruiting of the future here.

The entire study can be read here.